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Solipsisti hümn aastal 2010


Enam kui kolm aastat tagasi avaldatud albumil on mitmeid häid lugusi, mille härra Lif on mõne kaasräppariga kahasse teinud. Selle albumi peal on nii palju erinevaid hääli, et pea läheb sassi. Näiteks on sellel kogumikul IDM produtsent Push Button Objects koos elektro akustilise A-Trak’i, ühendriikide idaranniku Mr. Lif’i ja ühendriikide läänerannikult Del Tha Funkee Homosapien’iga. Lisaks kõikidele värvikatele nimedele teeb Mr. Lif koos sama ranniku härra Insight-iga koos loo Universal, mis kingib kuulajale taolisi abstraktseid mõtteid, millega on võimalik terve universum seisma panna ja saab albumi Sleepyheads II (Classic Combos) esimeseks palaks. Kõikide nende haruldaste helipärlitega kuulaja kõrvu rööviv album sisaldab ka lugu, millesse käesoleva kirjatüki autor armunud on. Kas või sel põhjusel, et sõnad on seatud selle klaveriklimberduskõlalise tausta peale sellise osavusega, et toovad kuulajale selguse. Mõni nimetab seda kvaliteediks. Kirjatüki autor nimetab seda heaks. Selgesõnalise härra Raw Produce-ga kahasse tehtud lugu I Am Myself kannab kapten ilmse välja mõeldud pealkirja, aga sisaldab tõtt, mille väljamõtlemine on võtnud tuhandeid aastaid ja taas inimeste teadvusesse jõudnud pärast valgustusaega, mis päästis kristliku dogmaatika käest. Olgugi, et kristlik dogmaatika on taas võimust võtmas samas impeeriumis, millest Mr. Lif pärineb, valgustab Raw Produce koos Mr. Lif-iga ikka veel. Selle valguse levimiseks, erinevatelt pindadelt põrkumiseks ja Teiegi mõtteisse jõudmaks tutvustan Teile seda lugu MP3 faili, ise ümber kirjutatud laulusõnade ja ühe lisaga.


[Raw Produce]
I see heads try’na be cool, thinking cool heads prevail
acting like the world is stage and there are tickets to sell.
There’s no suprises when the Krogan rises,
cuz everyone denies is that life is comprised of decisions and compromises
so I just try to speak clearly so you can understand,
put words together like conjunctions,
my only assumption is that I’ve got time to live life, see
and if I’m right when I’m finished, I’ll be the only one like me.
I never follow trends to get ins, I want the means,
I know what friends are, I’m not surrounded by fiends.
Can you feel this realness?
I’m not your typical tryna-be-down hanging around,
the orbit i travel in is elliptical.
I only take direction if i need direction,
I make selections go uplifted and wronged if I need a correction.
When i strive to perfection, It’s not for anyone else.
Never settle with being self-ish, I am myself.

I am…
I am myself
no games to be played
no script to be with
no shame to be made.

[Mr. Lif]
It’s difficult as an individual to be an individual,
people with opposite views will try to envy you,
make you think your morals are wrong
when you’ve been walking on the right path all along.
Everyone’s got an opinion
about what you create in your dominion.
Claiming that they understand your vision.
Some may be convincing,
you’ve got to measure people’s motive
It’s quite essential to know if
the advice is sincere and true
analyze their investment in you.
As artists, we’ve got a lot at stake,
public eyes stay ready to raid,
this is to round with dreams braid,
and your hopes
are other people’s jokes.
You must be omnipotent to cope,
this is why I keep a steady scope,
scrive to refine my art endlessly,
study life to be one with this chemistry,
for every me

I am…
I am myself
no games to be played
no script to be with
no shame to be made.

Pärast valgustusaega

Beliefs regarding intolerance of frustration are central to the theory of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and are hypothesised as playing an important role in procrastination. However, there is evidence that frustration intolerance may involve several dimensions. To investigate the relative contribution of these dimensions, a multidimensional measure of frustration intolerance beliefs was employed in a student sample (n = 86). The Frustration-Discomfort Scale included four sub-scales: discomfort intolerance, emotional intolerance, achievement frustration, and entitlement. Since REBT distinguishes frustration intolerance beliefs from those relating to self-worth, this was separately assessed using the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. Results indicated that self-esteem, the discomfort intolerance and emotional intolerance sub-scales were correlated with the severity of procrastination. However, only discomfort intolerance and self-esteem remained unique predictors in a regression analysis. The emotional intolerance and achievement frustration sub-scales were correlated with lower procrastination frequency. The research supported the validity of the Frustration-Discomfort Scale and the usefulness of distinguishing self-esteem from frustration intolerance as well as between the dimensions of frustration intolerance.



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